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Education | The first step towards planning your retirement is education.  We offer an intensive, hands-on retirement planning class at different universities located throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area.  Those who attend one of our classes receive a free, no obligation, in-depth retirement plan.

Fiduciary | We are fiduciaries. A fiduciary is defined as a person who holds a legal and ethical obligation to act prudently and in the best interests of another person. Make sure that your retirement planning is in the hands of a fiduciary.

A fiduciary has 5 primary responsibilities. Those responsibilities are; i) put the interests of the client first; ii) to act with utmost good faith; iii) to provide full and fair disclosure of all material facts; iv) not to mislead clients; and v) to expose all conflicts of interest to clients. Make sure your retirement planning is someone who adheres to these responsibilities.

Planning | A successful retirement is best enabled by one important factor: Income for Life.

Investments | Our motto: Losses hurt you more than gains help you

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started."

Meet the Team

D. Scott Brooks

Scott Brooks has been an investment adviser since 1987, directly managing over $100 million in client assets and serving as a risk management consultant on over $1 Billion.

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Gordon Haave

Chief Investment Officer
A graduate of Columbia University, Gordon has been in the financial industry since 1993. He’s previously served as the Director of Investment Consulting to Asset Services Company, a $4 billion dollar investment consulting firm focused on high net worth individuals and institutions.

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Mark R. Kukielski

Mark Kukielski has been in the financial industry since 1996, beginning with 12 years in banking as a mortgage and consumer loan and financial officer, directly responsible for managing a $400 million mortgage portfolio.

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Our Core Values

The cornerstone of our investment philosophy is risk management. Central to our philosophy is the vigilant recognition that losses hurt you more than gains help you profile that is growth oriented while protecting downside risk during periods of market fluctuations.. Finding creative ways to protect and grow the assets of our clients is our professional passion. We especially enjoy helping each new client piece together the “puzzle”.  Our specialty is creating an investment strategy that maximizes growth and income based upon the investment objectives and risk tolerance of the client.


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